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We are proud to announce our first subscription-based program! The Aesthetics program is focused on building an individual's physique through proven techniques. It incorporates core strength movements, attention to small muscle groups, set and rep schemes built to maximize hypertrophy, and exercise selection which will sculpt your body for a well rounded "aesthetic" physique.

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This program is accessed through the OTX App. Here you will have full control of your program; where you'll obtain an interactive way to follow your workouts; track your sets, reps, and weights; and access workout videos. You can also choose to partake in dialogue with others on the Aesthetics program and get program updates and communication from the Aesthetics coach.

A new block of training is released every four weeks.

Overall Duration: 4 Weeks

Weekly Workouts: 5

Average Daily Workout Completion Time: 60-90 min

Must have access to: Full gym with bodybuilding type machines.

  • Day 1

    • Chest
  • Day 2

    • Back
  • Day 3

    • Shoulders
    • Arms
  • Day 4

    • Legs
  • Day 5


  • Day 6

    • Cardio
    • Accessories
  • Day 7


OTX App Features

  • Follow your program with an easy to follow and interactive interface.

  • Enter and track exercise metrics such as weight, reps, times, etc.

  • Communicate with the Get Selected community and coach via the community forum.

  • Track metrics such as bodyweight, steps, and macros & calories (by connecting MyFitnessPal).

  • View exercise tutorial videos.

  • Rearrange your workouts to fit your unique schedule.