Meet The X Team

Jared Bost

Jared Bost served as a Team Leader in 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. During his time in service, he deployed multiple times to both Iraq and Afghanistan. His time serving with the Rangers of 3rd Battalion led to a deep passion for physical fitness. Jared did an outstanding job merging aesthetic programming with a high level of functionality to ensure he didn’t only look great, but he performed great as well. Jared left the Army in 2021 to pursue a degree in Exercise Science at The College of Charleston.

Jason Palma

Jason Palma served 9 years in 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. His time serving included 7 deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Upon arrival to the regiment, Jason was humbled by the level of physical performance which encompassed him. He quickly grew a desire to be the fittest Ranger he could be. Jason is currently a Certified Personal Trainer with the NSCA and has his eyes on becoming a CSCS. Jason has competed in multiple CrossFit, weightlifting, and Jiu Jitsu competitions and provides a well rounded coaching background to OTX.

What is On The X?

On The X is a veteran-owned fitness brand aimed to improve the performance and quality of life for all of society. We build programs to make you move faster, lift heavier, and look better.

On The X is military slang used to describe an assault force being positioned at an objective. The X is a location where all preparation and training gets put to the ultimate test. A police officer chasing down a suspect is On The X. A physique competitor stepping out on the stage is On The X. A parent carrying their unconscious child out from a house fire is On The X.

The question is, will you be ready when you are On The X?