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If you are a military professional, a LEO, or a first responder, your body is your most important asset. Whether you believe it or not, you are an athlete, and you should be training as one. Our Total TacLete program is built to optimize your performance while on duty. Expect to enhance your power output, work capacity, and cardiovascular endurance.

Side effects may include a sweet physique and compliments for being the most well rounded individual in your unit.

Please Read

A new block of training is released every four weeks. Cycles start every Monday. That means if you purchase on a Thursday, for example, your purchase will go through and you will be provided the new cycle of training on the upcoming Monday.

Weekly Workouts: 5

Average Daily Workout Completion Time: 60-90 Minutes

Must have access to: A gym with a functional training area to complete movements like cleans, back squats, etc. This would be ideal but substitutions can be made in the event certain equipment is not available to you.

  • Day 1

    • Power and Lower Body Strength
    • Metabolic Conditioning.
  • Day 2

    • Cardiovascular Conditioning
    • Running
    • Bodyweight Movements
  • Day 3

    • Transverse Plane Work
    • Stability and Durability Exercises
  • Day 4

    • Sprint Work
  • Day 5

    • Transverse Plane Power
    • Upper Body Strength
    • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Day 6


  • Day 7



Throughout this program, we will periodize our training over 1-2 month cycles. Periodization (the manipulation of training variables and goals) is vital to long lasting and well rounded adaptations. In Total TacLete, our main periodized cycles will emphasize general physical preparedness, strength and power, and anaerobic and aerobic endurance.

OTX App Features

  • Follow your program with an easy to follow and interactive interface.

  • Enter and track exercise metrics such as weight, reps, times, etc.

  • Communicate with the Get Selected community and coach via the community forum.

  • Track metrics such as bodyweight, steps, and macros & calories (by connecting MyFitnessPal).

  • View exercise tutorial videos.

  • Rearrange your workouts to fit your unique schedule.