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Back Squat Improvement

Back Squat Improvement

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Want a new squat PR? Need help pushing through a training plateau? The OTX Team has just the thing for you. Our Back Squat Improvement program incorporates back squat variations, accessories, and intensities that are vital to having a big back squat.

Lets get you a new PR!

This program focuses solely on lower body strength and improving your back squat. It can be done alongside an upper body specific program, or replace the lower body days in another program.

Overall Duration: 6 weeks

Weekly Workouts: 3 lower body sessions + accessories to incorporate on your upper body days.

Average daily workout completion time: 45-60 Minutes

Must have access to: Any commercial gym will suffice.

A day of training at a glance:

Warmup + Core:

Programmed warmups and core exercises vital to bracing and trunk control


Back Squat variant

Antagonist Strength Movement


Superset pairings rotating through anterior and posterior dominate 

Small muscle group attention and power accessories


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