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Iron Metcon

Iron Metcon

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The Iron Metcon series is designed for the serious athlete looking to emphasize their strength and olympic lifts while incorporating intense functional style training. This program is designed for the functional fitness guru looking to get stronger, or the Olympic lifter looking to increase their conditioning. Moreover, this program will work wonders for our Military and LEO population due to the strength, force production, and intense conditioning it provides.

This program will test you!

Overall Duration: 9 Weeks (includes 1 de-load week)

Weekly Workouts: 6

Average daily workout completion time: 1 1/2 - 2 hr (each day can be split into a two-a-day, providing shorter sessions)

Must have access to:

A gym that provides the ability to perform olympic lifts and functional fitness style conditioning circuits. Certain movements can be substituted in the event you do not have access to a certain piece of equipment.

A day of training at a glance:


Snatch variant

Clean variant

Squat or Press


Upper body (alternating between push and pull)

Lower body (alternating between posterior and anterior)


A variety of EMOM, AMRAP, and For Time workouts. Nearly all circuits are full body with some emphasizing either the upper or lower body.

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