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Women's Push-Pull-Legs

Women's Push-Pull-Legs

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The Women’s Push-Pull-Legs program is designed for those women who enjoy to favor their upper body while still incorporating lower body a few times a week. It incorporates daily compound movements complemented by smaller muscle group accessories. Expect to improve your overall strength, body composition, and aesthetics!

Overall Duration: 8 weeks

Weekly Workouts: 6

Average daily workout completion time: 60-90 minutes

Must have access to: Any commercial gym.

A week of training at a glance:

Day 1 - Push (sagittal plane dominant)

Day 2 - Pull (frontal plane dominant)

Day 3 - Legs (anterior dominant)

Day 4 - Push (frontal plane dominant)

Day 5 - Pull (sagittal plane dominant)

Day 6 - Legs (posterior dominant)

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